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If you’re me, you’ll love the stores making room on their shelves for tinsel and garland, Starbucks adding cinnamon and nutmeg to their classic roasts, and even the crisp weather giving us a heads up. You got it lovelies, the season for giving is merely a radio played bing crosby song away. You know you wanna relish in the season, so why not start early?

I have always sent out Christmas cards. It’s actually sorta my thing, I put a rather silly or inappropriate holiday jokes based on our relationship inside to family and friends. However last year, I FAILED. Time got away on me and guilt sunk is the more hot apple cider I sipped. CRAP. This year however I will not let this happen. I promise to start early, get fancy, and I will get them out for all to “roll their eyes at” come December.

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I have actually never had my Christmas cards designed online. Have you?
I’m really quite excited to have found minted. They are an online retailer that has already designed an absurd amount of cards all you need to do is insert your mug shot. Seriously. A mug shot would be pretty funny, you must admit. They have designs in the hundreds that you could choose from, I dare you to shop their Holiday line and tell me you couldn’t find one you didn’t love.

I am looking forward to stepping up my inappropriate jokes to possibly an awkward family photo. Nothing says Merry Christmas like horribly unattractive sweaters, a kitten in a scarf and gum boots and an additional body that will have people wondering where the heck she came from, and how she fits in. Am I right? This is my vision for the perfect Holiday Card. That, or something more traditional and heart warming like one of these:


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  1. Ooooh those look very fun 🙂 I’ll fb you my new address to make sure I’m on the card list!

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