FEATURE: My Favorite Items To Keep You Motivated In 2015


New Years Resolutions are flying around like wrapping paper on Christmas Morning, I swear. I’ve heard so many great ones this year, tons that have inspired me to add a few more my {ever growing} list, and no doubt I will be doing just that. If you missed it, yesterday I shared a free new years resolution printable I made, for those of you that write out their goals for the new year ahead, and you’re welcome. The day before that I touched on how I quit the Kardashians once and for-all, removing all the unrealistic people and lives that fill my social media feeds, who’s with me #UnrealisticUnfollow. And today I give you 4 of my favorite items that will help keep you motivated throughout the new year. So, without further ado:

because everyone who has things to do, people to see, goals to accomplish, needs a plan; and a great daytimer will get you there in an organized fashion. this year i chose the emily ley daytimer, a first of it’s kind, the most i have ever spent on a paper organizer, let’s see how 2015 turns out with it’s fancy-ass planner!

because we all wish to drink more water, and by’golly we all should be. did you know our body is made up of nearly 60% water, we should really be giving it what it wants. here is a great way to ensure you get your daily dose of the crystal clear liquid, a water bottle that tracks how much you’ve consumed in a 24 hour period. rad right? here is one that you can actually buy, and two that i wish were available to buy, here and here.

because saying you’re going to be more active is just like saying you’re only going to eat one oreo from a box of 30 #letsbehonest. i meant to get one of these step counters at the start of 2014, and, well like my promise to eat only one cookie from the cookie jar, it didn’t happen. first purchase of the new year is this. anyone have any suggestions on which is best? i hear the fitbit is the bees knees, tell me if i’m wrong? oh right! and when i do splurge on one, it must be the best of the best, which means gold plated and designer; cuz i’m a sucker like that.

because this shows progress in most all health goals, but i often wonder if it defeats the purpose of other personal goals i’ve made for the year? this one i fight myself on as i am not about the number i see on the scale anymore, not one bit, this i’ve gladly tossed aside. but what it does show is when hard work has paid off and this is sometimes all you need to keep moving ahead. a great tool to keep some motivated on their health goals, just unsure if it’s one i will be using in 2015. what do you think, to scale or not to scale? that is the question!


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