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In a perfect world I would have 16 yearly magazine subscription, and ample storage to save every single one, waiting for that perfect moment in time when I can relax into an evening of bubbles.

Here is how this perfect world ALMOST exists in my current life:

Owning subscriptions to all my favorite magazines would cost me $603 annually, it would also require a extra large shelf that could hold 353 magazines over the year, and a bath tub that could re-heat itself. I have none of these things listed above for two reasons; one cost and two space. THIS my friends is why I subscribe to Next Issue Canada, and get 141 magazine subscriptions for $14.99 a month.

FREE 60-day trial HERE using code 60FREE

I may not have a reheating Jacuzzi, or $600 to throw at yearly magazine subscriptions, but what I do have is better. I have more magazines subscriptions than I do time to read them, a bath room my husband has renovated with a dim-able chandelier and an evening starting at 7:30pm every single night allowing me to turn the pages of Vanity Fair without a concern of getting them wet. LIFE IS SWEET.

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Since when can you to bring 141 magazines into the tub with you? AND;
Since when can you give and afford a gift of 141 magazine subscriptions? AND;
Since when does a magazine subscription give you a 2 months subscription to try?

…they’re an all-you-can-read digital magazine subscription service that is compatible with iOS, Android, and even all Windows devices {rad right?!}. Next Issue Canada provides unlimited access to current and back issues of 141 of the world’s best magazines.

Lucky for me I’ve been bathing in my subscription to Next Issue on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet now for the last 30 days. My only hang-up is the natural tendency to compare them to a traditional magazine subscription, it’s just they’re so much more than that. I’m not kidding you, the pages literally come to life, connecting you with brands and their social media is literally a tap away. Tell me the last time you could tap on a Facebook icon in the pages of HELLO! Canada and be directed to their social media page? Am I right?

This is why I’m so stoked to be teaming up with Next Issue Canada, and sharing with you a FREE 60-day trial of Next Issue. Check them out here, find out just how many magazines they have that you and your family love {even including national geographic for kids}, and use code 60FREE to get your 2 month trial.

DottedLineTELL ME what’s your favorite magazine subscription, and do you take it into the bath with you?



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