FEATURE: Our JYSK Christmas Wish

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JYSK is one of those stores for our family that keeps us from irritating each another beyond limitations while actually shopping together. Sofia is kept happy as a clam within the home decor section that she will always manage to find a bin of stuffed animals at and of course the art supply section. Hey! Did you know JYSK had such an amazing array of art supplies, including stretched canvases as low at $2.99? I know I didn’t, and considering how often I find myself there I should really start opening my eyes while I shop. Sammy stays quiet, but happy as he tallies up all the little life upgrades he finds that he wants, like his and her bathrobes (I guess he doesn’t like our current sharing situation). I can find something around every corner that calls my name; things I want, things I need and things I never knew I needed. Like a knitted pouf, seriously people how have I lived without one my whole life?

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This is why I happily dragged my family into JYSK this past weekend to make a little family wish list, a digital family wish list I’ll have you know. With our phones both freshly charged, we got busy taking photos of all the things we wanted to see wrapped up under the Christmas tree with our names plastered all over it this year. 

This Christmas there would be no wondering what each other really wants, not with this type of photographic evidence, there really would be no excuse for error. Dare I say this was my best idea of the year? I think it sits high up there with painting everything gold, a trip to Disneyland and a backyard movie night.  


Sofia’s Wish List


Fullscreen capture 2015-11-24 85413 PMAnimal Print Deco Cushion
$14.99 ea

 “I need this for my room, like really, it’s just so rad mum!



uk flag chestStorage Chest
Starting at $23.99 to $74.99 ea

 “mum! mum! I could put away all my toys in it, great idea I got right?!



Fullscreen capture 2015-11-24 85936 PMARTICO Stretched White Canvas
Starting at $2.99

 “I paint a lot, this is a good one for my list, right mum?




Sammy’s Wish List


duvet cover mooseKRONBORG 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set 
Starting at $29.99

you and I both know, we need new sheets, this should really be on your list too.




KOGE Stool
$49.99 ea

our current bar stool situation is sad, it’s actually a home insurance claim waiting to happen



millayMILLAY Coral Fleece Bathrobe

another gift I’m asking for that should really be on your list, just sayin






KanukKANUK Boots
$35.99 Regular (currently on sale until the end of the day today for $10)

you can never have too many boots, am I right?” 
…nobody replied, in case you’re wondering.


nordikNORDIK Throw

our house would feel that much more complete with this blanket in it. Did you know a blanket can do that? It can!



Fullscreen capture 2015-11-24 92422 PMMAJESTIK Knitted Pouf

can someone please tell me why I don’t already have a pouf in my life?




2015-11-22 10


DO YOU still make a Christmas wish list, or did you drop that tradition after you found out the mall Santa was your neighbors dog walker January through October?


Disclosure:: We did receive compensation to compile our post, however we truly do love JYSK and the opinions are my own.


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  1. Seems I’ve been missing out on the amazingness of this store. I know there’s one near me, I need to go check it out.

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