FEATURE: RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

A day in the life of an Avioner…

It’s pretty spectacular I must say. Especially this holiday season, busy malls, limited parking and a whole lot of mayhem finding the perfect gift for those you love. I shop for a living. Seriously. Even I get stressed over the thought of mall shopping anytime during the month of December. To me it seems like I’m just asking for a meltdown. Not only from Sofia, but myself. Hey! Adult tantrums are allowed! Ask Brittney Spears, or even Linday Lohan, I bet Kanye West might have a little incite on this too. Either way, I don’t get all gitty inside this month when I think about dropping money in the mall. UNTIL… I became an Avioner for a day!

…with Avion Holiday Boutiques in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Vancouver.

Arrived to valet parking, which means my parking stall hunt and two car mime fist show was diverted. Walked into Coquitlam Centre cool, calm and collected. Rather than stepping right into the hustle and bustle of stressed shoppers, sale tags and the dreaded “I’m sorry we’re sold out” sing-song I decided to head straight for my happy place; the Avion Holiday Boutique. Greeted by 3 lovely woman, we all walked in and headed straight for the caffeine. It’s funny how that happens just naturally. I grabbed a Tazo Earl Grey, my mama grabbed herself a Starbucks Coffee and Sofia eye’d herself up some of the strawberry and lemon infused water, which I gladly filled her a cup of. We sat, we relaxed, connected to the free wifi to checked our e-mails one last time, gathered our shopping thoughts and we were on our way. That is not until we snagged some snacks for the road; chocolate covered pretzels, an orange, a banana, and a candy cane for good measure.


We entered the mall of madness, in a zen state of mind {if you will}, with caffeine in hand, and sweets in our pockets. We were off to a fantastic start, even if we found nothing on our lists, we felt like royalty. Not too bad considering we were in a mall over the holidays trying to make some serious progress on a few never ending wish lists. The day came to an end, the babe needed to get home for a nap, but not until one last visit was made to the Avion Holiday Boutique. A quick decompress in their festive serene setting was just what we needed to regroup, fuel up, and get back to reality; reality which was a mama, who needed to get home to make animal shaped chicken nuggets, eat her own lunch over the sink and rewarm her original morning tea for the 5th time today. Ahhhhh back to royalty…. I mean reality!

Are you an Avioner? Honestly, these type of perks make me reconsider all my credit card choices to date. I’m sure if I knew better of these little luxuries, how RBC Avioners get treated year round, my decision would have been an easy one. For those looking to increase their credit card glory, or even make a switch, hopefully I was able to enlighten you all on just how amazing RBC Avion is. I’m no RBC Avion Guru, what I do know however is :

SPEND & EARN: You’ll earn RBC Rewards points every time you make a purchase with your RBC Avion card. Earning 1 RBC Rewards point for every dollar spent on purchases.Plus, earn bonus points when shopping through the RBC Rewards eMall.

TRAVEL: Book travel rewards instantly. Only the RBC Rewards program has an online booking tool that’s powered by Travelocity. Choose air travel rewards from the Air Travel Redemption Schedule starting as low as 15,000 points and fly on any airline, anytime with no blackouts, or seat restrictions. Travel with premium and extensive insurance packages including trip cancellation and protection for your trip, hotel, rental vehicle, and purchases.

LEARN MORE: Check out both the RBC Infinite Avion Card and the RBC Platinum Avion Card details here.

Disclosure: I am part of the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  As always thought, the opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. OK, kind of wish we had this in the US! Or do we, and I just don’t know about it…hmm.

  2. Ummm…. amazing! Loved your video! So cute!

  3. Whoa, this is amazing….wish they had it at the malls here in CA!!!!

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