FEATURE: Sofia’s 5th Birthday (Puppy Adoption)


I did it! I did it! I tackled and successfully saw out Sofia’s Puppy Adoption Birthday Party exactly how she had wanted while 36 weeks pregnant and all my mama instincts wanted to do was nest. 

Sofia has asked for 2-things this Birthday, a Puppy Adoption Party and an Outdoor Movie Night. I decided to do what I always do and bite off more than I can chew, combined the two and kept my fingers crossed I wouldn’t get in too much trouble from the parents I was asking to keep their children up to 10:30pm. We celebrated Sofia’s Birthday early this year, more than 2 weeks early ensuring that no party plans were interrupted by any sorta’ water leakage, have it be from the sky or elsewhere. Disasters and deliveries averted

As Sofia and her friends arrived they were greeted by a the staff from Paws & Tails Veterinary who guided them each through their puppy adoption process. They began by choosing a fur-ever friend and taking him or her through a complete check-up with the onsite Veterinary. After naming their puppy, getting a clean bill of health and signing their official adoption certificates they proceeded over to Sofia’s Custom Collars to pick a leash and make a dog collar for their new furry friends. They completed the fun with running the puppies around the yard, singing happy birthday to Sofia and loading up with sweet treats and popcorn before getting cozy on the lawn and watching the birthday girl’s favorite movie, a bee movie.

Sofia was over-the-moon with the party and I was for the fact that we have zero meltdowns from children who clearly were staying up way past their bedtimes. What happened on the car rides home is beyond my knowledge but I hope that the white chocolate puppy chow, the extra buttery popcorn and alcoholic beverages made it all worth while for the parents!


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Disclosure:: Thank you to Oriental Trading and Isty Belle for your amazing additions to the Birthday Party, clearly they made the event what it was. As always all opinions on the blog are my own.



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  1. kathy downey says:

    Wow,what a wonderful party and you my darling look totally amazing


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