FEATURE: Spit Happens {Washable Rugs}


It’s like Lorena Canals read my mind; make me a rug that’s beautiful, soft and luxurious, high-quality, reasonably priced…. and heck! make sure it can be thrown into my household wash machine. 

When I shop for home decor, rugs included, practicality normally takes home the win. I leave with something I’m only half happy with, it ticks off most all the boxes on my wish list and therefore makes it way into our home and we learn to love it. It was no different with Stella’s Nursery, my vision for her bedroom would take shape with a few token pieces of art, a gorgeous DIY mobile and the perfect custom sheets. We were using all the furniture from when Sofia Marie was a baby (“not being able to let go” for the win) her crib, dresser-change table combo and rocker. The one thing I was missing was something to warm the room up.

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We chose to mix our furniture stains in both Sofia and Stella’s Nursery; a dark wood crib and rocker with an antique white dresser, and with this comes the task of trying to pull them all together in one cohesive look. The only successful way I’ve found in doing this was with a rug. As long as the rug touched both pieces (or close to it anyways), figuratively speaking it will connect the two pieces of furniture bringing the room together as one.

I had heard of Lorena Canals rugs in the past through other influencers and thought to dig a bit deeper myself and see what they were all about. I had a wish list that felt a mile long, so I was curious to see just how many of those boxes it would check off. I wanted to find something beautiful, something long lasting that would put up with lots of wear and tear, something soft and quiet (because my sneak-away ninja skills are lacking) and above all fairly reasonably priced. Like I said, I was ready to tick off a box or two and move onto the next shop and find something not quite what I was after but that I could work with.

img_6049YOU GUYS… I didn’t have to! I found a rug that ticked off all the boxes, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

It arrived and it was exactly like what I saw and fell in love with online. The size was perfect, the color, the design was clearly adorable, the softness and quality, it would no doubt get me out of Stella’s room without waking the dragon. This rug was not the cheapest or most expensive (trust you me I had a few on the list that you’d think were made with golden thread) but by far it was the best bang-for-your-buck when it comes to it design, quality and wash-ability.  

I’m also happy to report that we’ve put it to the ultimate test after a little “too much milkie” went on mixed with a “whole-lotta’ bouncy” last week. SPIT HAPPENS and we were forced to throw it in the wash machine (and hang dry). It came out perfect… HALLELUJAH!  If you’re asking me (and let’s just pretend you’re) this is the only rug you need when it comes to a child’s nursery or playroom, heck! even a living room because SPIT HAPPENS everywhere a child plays; that’s just my 2 cents!



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Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Lorena Canals and we received a rug to share our thoughts with you.  As always, the opinions are my own and I truly believe it’s a parents dream rug.



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