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We all know what it’s like travelling with babies, doesn’t matter if it’s near or far we pack more than we’ll ever need for one purpose only; the sense of reassurance that in any situation we will be ready. Sammy and I like to call Whistler our home away from home, even before Sofia was born we would try and vacation there about 3 or 4 times a year and even then we would pack enough for 10. It seemed like the moment we were both ready and comfortable travelling with Sofia we set out minds on hunting for a mini crib. I’m not talking a pack-n-play, that we had, and as much as she didn’t enjoy sleeping in it, we couldn’t quite wrap out minds around it as a overnight sleep option. When we went away, we wanted to fully enjoy our trip together including our sleep. We hunted high and low to find a crib identical to her existing one at home, but half the size and portable, what a feat that came to be. It did take quite sometime hunting it down online, and when we found it, we invested quite a bit.

The moral of this story is, if I had known of a company like Spoiled-One who could deliver a quality crib to our hotel or vacation home to arrive when we did, we would’ve spared ourselves the time, stress, and money and done just that. For what we investment in our travel crib, we could’ve traveled lighter and rented from Spoiled-One on 8 separate weekend vacations to Whistler. Crazy Right?

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Over the holidays, we do what we can to ensure our families are all together; and in a lot of cases this means travelling a fair ways. I’m lucky that most of my direct family are a mere 20 minute in either direction, door-to-door, but their are so many out there that are not so lucky. I know that if I had some distance to travel to spend the holidays with family, it’s no doubt that the car or luggage I had to pack would be busting at the seams. AND THIS is why I chose to share Spoiled-One with you today.


Could you imagine what a load-off it would be to arrive at your holiday destination and have a crib and high chair ready for your stay? You know how much room these things take up in your vehicle, and let’s not even discuss travelling via plane, it’s no wonder Spoiled-One was born. AND ON THAT NOTE, another genius idea that Spoiled-One would be great for, a Christmas or Baby Shower gift for the mama-to-be in your life. Let them use it as they please, pre-baby with a doppler rental {could there be a better baby shower gift than giving them the chance to listen to their baby’s heartbeat whenever, where ever?}, or once baby arrives using it to test out product they’re on the fence about, or even use the gift card on an as-need basis, renting items along the way. BEST. GIFT. EVER. TORONTO. Best gift ever.


Spoiled-One is Toronto’s first premium, high-end baby gear rental company, available to GTA residents and visitors. We help parents save time, money and space, and provide added convenience by delivering right to your door.

Spoiled-One aims to make parents’ lives easier by offering for rent modern, eco-friendly and non-toxic equipment for babies and toddlers by premium brands, delivered straight to homes or hotels. Our service takes time, high cost, clutter and commitment out of the equation, leaving parents with a convenient, affordable and hassle-free experience. Our rental model also allows parents to “try before they buy” to ensure that any future purchases are a good fit.

The concept for Spoiled-One emerged from recognizing the challenge of providing safe, clean and quality products for babies at an affordable price. The high cost of these products, the research parents put in to finding them, the space they take up, the difficulty transporting them and the ever-changing needs of their children can add up to an expensive, time-consuming experience. We decided to create a one-stop rental shop for parents, giving them access to a vast inventory of products to rent from, with no obligation or commitments.

In addition to being the only baby gear rental company that specializes in premium, high-end equipment, we bring a personal touch to the customer experience by providing pick-up and delivery services and a hands-on, one-on-one assembly tutorial of all our gear. This is what really separates us from our competitors.

At Spoiled-One, simply tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest.

It’s no doubt what Shay and Vicki are doing for families in Toronto is brilliant, for those parents who are sitting on the fence about a product or who travel, the amazing ladies behind Spoiled-One are making things easy for parents. I appreciate entrepreneurs like this, and I’m secretly wishing they would branch off and come into Vancouver. *hint-hint, nudge-nudge*

Happy Renting!

Disclosure :: I received compensation to facilitate my feature, however I chose to share this with you because I honestly feel Spoiled-One is a great option for parents who want to “test-drive” a product first, travel without over packing, or simply needing an item on a short-term basis. If I ever did it again, the baby stage I mean, I’d no doubt use a company like Spoiled-One when we traveled.


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