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As of today, at my ripe old age of 31, I will not go under a knife for the following:

1. an Angelina pout
2. a Kardashian contouring
3. a Lohan botox job

…because apparently I have morals. These type of procedures scare me, completely; as in hair pulling, nail biting, many nights sleep lost terrified. This however doesn’t mean I don’t dream of a fuller lip, or a more defined cheek; it just means I just have to get more creative in the ways to obtain it. I do my research, from finding a product, reading reviews, and finally testing them out. Sometime however I get sought out, and this just makes life peachy.

City Cosmetics
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City Cosmetics reached out to me a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I would like to try some of their products. And as I do when any company contacts me, I first visit the site, find out what they’re about, see if anything resins with me, then I reply with a “heck yah!” or a simple “no thank you”. This is how the City Cosmetics story went…

The rep at City Cosmetics asked if I’d would like to try their City Lipsa product that claims to give a more plump lip with a high-impact shine, “um, did you even have to ask?” She sent me a  few of their shades, but I instantly reached for the color that had me at hello, their nude york; a gorgeous nude tone with amazing sparkle. Ran to our powder room and put it on in the mirror, as most woman do, watched, waited, and watched some more. THEN you bet, I felt it working, not more than 30 seconds after putting it on I felt a little tingling sensation. No pain, just tingles, almost as if my lips had fallen asleep, you know the feeling I’m talking about. It only lasted about 60 seconds, made me believe that just maybe this product did exactly what it said:

Fullscreen capture 2014-08-05 23923 PM

City Lips is designed to give lustrous and plush lips with a high-impact shine. The gloss is an award-winning treatment infused with revolutionary technology for instant and long-lasting results. Dramatically, the lips become smoother and fuller by within minutes of application. City Lips’ incredible effectiveness is clinically proven and the soft brush delivers the most precise application possible. City Lips utilizes exclusive ingredients and natural lip enhancers that work painlessly and safely to pump up the volume. City Lips will stimulate lasting natural collagen production with continued use.

Instantly delivers dramatic plumping effects with HA Plumping Spheres
Stimulates new collagen development with twice the collagen peptides for long-term plumping
Provides instant fullness, definition, & hydration with long-lasting plumping benefits
Diminishes and fades the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Works safely, painlessly and without irritation or numbness

…it did work! I see a difference in my lips right away, however I’m looking forward to some more dramatic results over time. It’s no wonder the City Lips has 19 reviews at 5 stars, this product delivers. I have been using it now, when I remember {my priority these days are making sure I remember my child} and truly believe the product is doing the trick with providing me a more fuller lip. Three cheers for City Lips, I approve and stand behind a product that delivers a pain free way to an Angelina pout.

DEAL TIME // City Cosmetics was not only gracious enough to give us a special link to try the City Lips at a buy one get one free offer, but also if you use the code Tairalyn at the checkout, you’ll get an additional 40% off.

Disclosure :: I received product to facilitate my review, however all opinions, and results are my own.


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