Is it just me (and Sofia) or does music make everything better? I can honestly say we go nowhere without some form of music in our back pockets.  Have it be my phones playlist, our tablets purchased and stored beats, our vehicles radio or in desperate times (calling for very desperate measures) our own voices and harmony’s.

When a good beat comes on, one that moves us (see anything by Justin Beiber, Chainsmokers or Drake) we’re that family who turns it up abnormally loud and let’s loose. 

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You can imagine how excited we were when approached by VQ, a British audio brand that designs and makes HD digital Radio’s reached out to us wanting to work together on spreading some rather fun and exciting news. VQ is expanding into Canada with their amazing (and adorable) Bluetooth radio’s and they’re hoping for the warmest of welcomes from us Canadians ‘eh! Since getting our Retro Mini Radio we’ve used it in Stella’s Nursery, taken it to the park, it’s joined us on walks (Sofia’s belted it into the passenger seat of her power wheels dune buggy; safety first) and more recently into her ALMOST completed Playhouse in our backyard. 

These little radio’s are insane, beautifully made, sound quality like no other and crazy features like Bluetooth capability which allows you to connect to your phone or tablet to stream music (and even project movie sound for a backyard movie night). The Retro Mini Radio by VQ is something I never knew I needed in my life… yes I NEED IT!

img_5295 img_5238 img_5274 img_5268 img_5239 img_5245 img_5228

311565011_7_640x640ABOUT THE RETRO MINI
//The Retro Mini is as the name suggest both vintage inspired and perfectly petite but don’t let appearances fool you as this radio comes packed with more than enough modern functionality.

– HD Radio®
– FM Radio
– Bluetooth Streaming
– Aux-in & Headphones
– Equaliser (MyEQ) with Bass & Treble Presets
– Storage for 30 Radio Preset Favourites
– Clock with Dual Alarms (His/Hers), Sleep Timer, Countdown Timer
– USB Charge output for Phones, Tablets or other Smart Devices
– Mains or Battery Powered (4x AA)
– Real Wood Case for Acoustic Fidelity Wrapped in Leatherette
– Retails $119.99 here at myvq.com

//It’s the exact question I asked when first reading about the many qualities of the VQ’s Retro Mini Radio. High Definition Radio? Yes and so much more… let me tell you in words spoken by VQ as they explain it so perfectly. 

More Stations. Digital Sound. No Subscription. HD Radio Technology has the best selection of local radio with amazing features and no monthly fees, all you need is a radio. HD Radio stations broadcast a digital signal over traditional radio frequencies allowing for up to three additional stations of new local content.

Let’s say your favorite local radio station is on 96.9FM. With HD Radio technology, that same station is being broadcast in digital sound on 96.9 HD1. Plus you can access all new content on up to three additional stations: 96.9 HD2, HD3, and HD4. HD Radio stations broadcast in clear digital quality to your local area making static, radio hiss and fuzz a thing of the past. Additionally the digital signal provides on-screen information such as: song info, traffic and weather.

You can experience HD Radio in; Toronto, Hamilton, Markham and Woodstock with Calgary and Vancouver joining the HD revolution before the end of the year.


ARE YOU music lovers like us? Oh man you guys! I could come up with so many other ways these radio’s would come in handy, from camping trips to days at the Beach, picnics and BBQ’s, to pretty much any type of day spent outside. So excited to have this little radio and even more to bring the VQ news to you!



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