Finding your style

Finding your Style: JEANS & TEE

Finding your personal style is not easy in our world today. Relying heavily on replicating celebrity styles to fit in, is how most of us feel, myself included. I am vowing in 2013 to not replicate or duplicate, but take inspiration from those styles around me producing my personal style.

I know that fashion can sometimes be daunting at the least, not only extremely time consuming. I ask you all to take the time to find your style this year, you’d be surprised how looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. My mother used to cringe when I would go out of the house in sweats, or heaven forbid, a pair of my pyjamas. She was, and is all about, always looking your absolute best. I figured back then, it was all for what others saw me as, judged me for. But I now know, that it was all about how putting yourself together effects the way your day unfolds.

So make this year, a stylish year. Play with trends, experiment with fads, and find your personal style.  


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  1. I totally agree. I really noticed this after having my son. I felt like crap, i was tired and achy and the minute I put on something nice, did my hair and makeup, I felt so much better. I think one of the biggest problems women have is that they don’t have much in their closet and the other problem is that they don’t know how to put it together. I completely agree that fashion is about experimenting. It’s dress up for adults.


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