FINDS: Our Fall Wish List


Some maybe confused on why we “wish list” in the bloggers world. I mean, didn’t we grow out of the making of a wish list once the Sears Christmas catalog stopped being delivered to our front door? Let me give you my reasoning behind the whole list thing, as I feel it needs an explanation. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe if I put it out in the universe what I’m currently crushing on these 7 things for fall, they will come to me? You know sorta like if you put out good in the world, good will come back to you. Yeah, that! I do it for that, and for Sammy. As of today, he officially has no excuse for crummy gifts between now and Christmas.

1. Rockstar Jeans | 2. Teacup | 3. Pearl & Druzy Statement Necklace | 4. Pumpkin Chai Tea Candle
5. Plaid Throw | 6. Glitter & Gold Tea | 7. Accent Pillow


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  1. Obviously obsessed with the plaid throw and accent pillow!

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