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Do you recall a while back when my bestie and I had our asses handed to us, for fun, of course we posted it all over instagram {here and here}; triggering any memories yet? Well we’re ready to share why we put ourselves through the grueling morning work out that had us cursing the day. Lucky us {and I mean this honestly} we had the opportunity to work out with Hannah Fletcher {facebook // twitter}, fitness guru at Fit in 30 Minutes in Vancouver. She worked us to the bone, however I will say nothing about it was daunting, spoke sweeter than my 86 year old nana yet you knew she meant business like the police officer who just pulled you over for blowing the red. She is the perfect combination of good and evil, just what a personal trainer should be.

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Let me tell you a little about Fit in 30 Minutes and how it literally means it’s own name. Clients of the studio do their own cardio prior to meeting with their personal trainers, they schedule a appointment with the trainer they desire who then works them out for 30 minutes, including a stretch out. I’ve never had this done to me before and I think this alone is worth its weight in gold {my weight}, your trainer stretches YOU at the end of every session, meaning you let your body go and they do all the pulling and tugging. Amazing right? I literally can’t think of any of way better to end a work out.

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One of the coolest parts of Fit in 30 Minutes, next to the amazing trainers and gorgeous studio is the back-end of their website. Those that are clients of Fit in 30 Minutes get to login and book classes or sessions with their personal trainer 24/7. So convenient and beyond helpful, for those of us mother’s who only “me time” is well after business-hours, this makes getting fit much easier, no excuses ladies. Login, find your favorite class and book your spot within seconds, or if one-on-one is what you are after then snag a trainer that suits your fancy and block off a time that works for you. It’s literally that easy people. I love that Fit in 30 Minutes has not only made having a personal trainer affordable, but taken the gym to the online world and made it extra convenient for those of us that require.

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All in all both Lindsay and I loved our ass-kicking from Hannah. The studio is quaint and felt inspiring and inviting unlike some gyms I’ve been too. From the stretching to the online reservations, the serving of chilled lemon and cucumber water for me was the icing on the cake. Fit in 30 Minutes did not miss a beat when designing the perfect fitness studio.

Without further ado, here is your chance at winning a $50 credit with Fit in 30 Minutes that will get you well on your way to the beach body you have been dreaming about. As you all know my journey began this week, I couldn’t be more excited for one of you to win this, it’s the push you never knew you needed!


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  1. I just signed up for one month there last week to try it out! Maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂 Good luck with your journey!

  2. Staying healthy for my two very active little boys and for me. Mama needs some sanity time.

  3. christina says:

    Getting healthy for my boys!

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