FIVE THINGS: Garden Row Call


The five garden markers that are as simple and eating the vegetables that you’re growing:

1. Scrabble Tile Markers; I said easy, I didn’t say cheap. You may have to buy a few games of scrabble to get all the tiles you need, but quite possibly worth it. (from Sow and Dipity)

2. Wine Cork Markers; Because I’m sure you have a few of those kicking around the house, and if not you need to be drinking more. For the love of gardening, drink up. (from the happier homemaker)

3. Wooden Spoon Markers; This just looks simply adorable to me. I can see painting them in the colors of the fruits and veggies you’re growing, oh what a beautiful rainbow garden you would have. (from craftivity designs)

4. Clay Stick Markers; These babies speak to the perfectionist in me. Cute, simple, clean-lined, and the letters always look perfect. Love these. (from wit and whistle)

5. Twig Markers; Leave it to Martha to figure this one one, but seriously how sweet are these. Natural and rustic, perfect for a garden; now to find a potato peeler I’m willing to ruin. (tutorial here)


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