FIVE THINGS: I’m loving right now!


The five things that I’m loving RIGHT NOW:

1. Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, I swear my tea game has never been so on point {anytime now Lindsay, back me up!}. All you black tea-sippers out there, this will blow your mind, and change your tea world as you know it. Thank you Silk, for being so damn good to me.

2. These little adorable velvet cases that Clarin’s make-up comes in. For real, I feel so fancy opening up my make-up bag discovering these babies. Loving Clarins for going the extra mile.

3. Nadia Aboulhosn for boohoo, that is all. Loving boohoo for this PS blogger collaboration. #illtakeoneofeverything

4. This list by VancityBuzz for 50 Things to do in Vancouver this Spring. It has pretty much solidified my calendar for the next 3 months. Thanks VancityBuzz for compiling such a list that I can only dream about doing but would never actually have the time complete.

5. Big Brother 3. See you all again in 2.5 months.


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