FIVE THINGS {life changing day timers}


The five personal day timers that will not only keep you on time, but very very sexy:

1. emily ley is the amazing woman behind the simplified planner, and besides the book being gorgeous, it boasts thick pages, a beautiful hard cover, and a clean, simple, and modern approach to organizing. {buy planner here}

2. jennifer jones is the beauty behind the iheart organizing printable planners; her day timer is extremely thorough and has many ways to customize your pages, from meal planning, to chore chart, and even a travel checklist {customize yours here}

3. whitney english is the day designer, her hardcover, metal coiled planner is absolutely gorgeous. her planner, like emily ley’s simplified planner, is very clean and modern on the inside, perfectly awaiting your daily duties. {buy book here}

4. erin condren’s life planner is wow! with many options to choose, from a custom cover, coil clips to hold invites and images inside, cute and customize’able stickers, an option of a pen holder attachment, and custom note pad, this day timer by far is the most customize’able. {customize yours here}

5. plum paper is another fabulous day timer that makes organizing our days beautiful. everything you would need to plan your days flawlessly within its pages and many adorable covers to choose from. {buy planner here}

//and, if you’re at all curious to which i’ve chosen; it’s the emily ley simplified planner. having said that i would have been beyond happy with any of the five. oh gawd how i love feeling {and looking} organized! 


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