FIVE THINGS {traditions for the first day of school}


The five back-to-school traditions I will be starting this year:

1. buying “oh, the places you’ll go” by dr. seuss, having all her teachers, pre-school to grade 12, write a message come year end and come graduation, what a sweet gift {buy book here}

2. we’ve all seen it, the first day of school photo signs; for ours, we took it one step further. had them customized and stepped up to not just the first-day, but also the last-day and an about me page that’ll bring back loads of adorable memories when we’re ready to go there {get your custom back-to-school trio here}

3. back-to-school breakfast and summers’ last supper; no doubt the morning before the first day of school with be a festive one with her most favorite breakfast items. I’d also like to do a last supper of the summer that sofia can get to choose the menu for, even if it means ice cream first {heart cinnamon bun recipe here}

4. for the anxious and oh-so-nervous little people, these pockets hearts are adorable. i will make these sweet little felt hearts, fill them with love, and sew them tight. sofia can grab for one each morning she needs giving her a little reminder of calmness and love through out the day {tutorial by curly birds here}

5. study buddies, such a neat idea i saw online; come the day I think she’ll need it {quite possibly not until grade 2}, i will let her draw what her ideal study buddy would look for the year and have budsies make her dreams come true with a custom stuffed animal; use code DOGDAYS until 08.31.14 and get $15 off {custom stuffed animals here}

This is Sofia’s first year in school, part-time, and I couldn’t be more excited about getting these traditions started. Do you have any first-day family traditions for school? I’d love to hear ’em!


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  1. love these ideas I need to get on getting a sign for my eldests first day ekkkk

  2. I have a new Kindergartener this year, as well, and I’m so excited for her to start the new adventure!

    I have seen the tradition of giving the “Oh the Places You’ll Go” book to the teachers, and I love it! it would be so special to have as a graduation gift. My worry would be that if too many people start the tradition, the teachers will have too many to do! When do you think is best to give it to the teacher so they don’t feel frustrated by another thing to do in the busy end-of-the-year chaos?

  3. Oh my word I love those hearts! Definitely going to have to make some for our house. No real first-day of school traditions here except a lot of excitement on all fronts – mine and theirs. 🙂

  4. I don’t have any major traditions, but I would always make a special breakfast of her choice, allow her to wear a fancy outfit and we’d take a couple of pictures 🙂

  5. Fun things for sure! I would be careful about doing too many things though, as it can all be a bit overwhelming to process, and it might set you up for some crazy stuff in a few years 😉 We take pictures on the first day of school, and I write the grade and year on a white piece of paper with a sharpie. I’m fancy that way. We try to pick out a special backpack and lunch kit, as well as making sure he has a fun hoody (that is kind of his thing), but that’s about it so far.

  6. Fun ideas. We never had traditions like this as a kid. It would be nice to start some this year though 🙂 thanks for the suggestions!

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