FIVE THINGS: Unique ways to decorate easter eggs


The five unique ways you never thought to decorate your Easter eggs:

1. Family Egg Heads; saw these and knew they had to inspire my next post. You can thank the genius lady behind a subtle rivalry for today’s post. She took her and her families adorable mugs and put them on an egg, genius right? Check out the tutorial here.

2. Doodle Eggs; some people just rock at doodling, my mama is one of them. While she was on the phone with friends is when she did her best work. Some of you just have it in your veins, so why stop at scrap paper, take your compulsive doodling to the next level, the Easter egg. Found the inspiration here.

3. Glitter Dots; maybe not as unique or interesting as the family portrait of egg heads but definitely beautiful. I could see these eggs sticking around the home decor front for longer than the Spring holiday. Full tutorial here.

4. Herb Stamped; doesn’t get anymore organic than this folks, eggs dyed in vegetable juice and stamped with herbs. I mean come’on people, this is as natural and earthy as it’s going to get. Check out the amazing tutorial here, including a video.

5. Humpty Dumpty Egg; these little guys just make me smile, and that’s enough reason in itself to make the list. How is it that Humpty Dumpty is an egg yet you never hear of anyone decorating an egg like him, I mean we only sing the some every other day. Complete tutorial here.


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