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The five shoes I’m currently crushing on from Tory Burch:

1. because everyone needs a basic flat in a neutral, right? as a mother, shoes that make an outfit all that it is, and in the comfort of a casual flat make for getting ready and looking the part, pretty freaking awesome. {link to buy}

2. can’t get enough of a good patent wedge, they steal a bit of my heart. but when it has an adorable bow that draw attention to your sexy toe cleavage, i’m all over that. {link to buy}

3. if you look up the definition of casual chic, you will find a picture of these shoes. must own. {link to buy}

4. i need this mini platform wanna-be wedge in my life. i see my world getting much easier come summer having these to just slip into and run out the door. am i right ladies? say i’m right, sammy could be reading this! {link to buy}

5. these loafers scream my name, trust me, i can hear them. particular shoes do talk, ask my therapist. {link to buy}

Now, it’s your turn. Link-up below following the few rules we do have:


1. Five Things link up is posted every Thursday at Midnight EST. Share any five things that are on your mind right now. Whether it’s something you are obsessing with on Pinterest, a new and exciting event going on in your life, or even sharing five of your favorite books; it’s totally up to you.

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  1. Love these shoes, especially the mini-platforms!

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