For Fox Sake {what stella wore}

What Stella Wore
Fog + Fern Top // Joe Fresh Jeans // Gap Shoes // Fog + Fern Headband

I mean she wears A LOT of clothing! It’s safe to say I dress and re-dress Stella Grace 3 times a day (because we’re all about self feeding right now). I feel like if anyone knows clothes it would be a parent at this very stage. We’re stretching, pulling, rolling and tossing so many items of clothing off our babes and into the hamper a day it should be a sport. If anyone is going to be a concessionaire of quality clothing it’s us! AM I RIGHT?!

We know what holds up and what doesn’t!

When we find something that works in quality, cost and adorableness we treat them like they’re our 3rd child. We tell everyone about the funny new tricks they do, including the lady in the Starbucks line-up who couldn’t give a rats-ass about anything other than the way her chair tea latte is made. But you don’t care! EVERYONE MUST KNOW

You guys! Fog + Fern is my 3rd child. This won’t be the first time you hear it, but this tee is crazy soft and stands up to all this kid is throwing at it. I’ve had it 2 weeks and washed it 3 times already using stain remove twice. It feels and looks the same as the first day it arrived. Ha! TAKE THAT! There is something to be said about buying quality pieces that last. 

Now. Can we talk about the elephant in the room? I’m talking about the darling little knotted headband that pretty much lived on her head since we got it? YOU GUYS the band is so wide it doesn’t slip off but BEST OF ALL it covers her little ears which is just so perfect for this brisk weather! An accessory with multi-uses, LOVE IT!

Okay. I’m done now. I won’t speak of this said 3rd child again… not until I slip her chubby little thighs into these fox leggings I got, then it’s game over. EVERYONE MUST KNOW



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