Friday Photo-Dump

{from right to left, top to bottom}
1. Sofia Marie connecting with her first pet, fishy meow meow, no she did not come with this name, as much as you may think.
2. Shopping with nana can only mean two things, major cuteness and serious money dropped, all in one afternoon
3. Because something looking down is that much better than looking ahead #LittleMissMamaLooksDown
4. Baking Pumpkin Donuts. Yes you heard me, I eat donuts every morning! It’s a good thing they are healthy {get the recipe here}.

5. Taking a walk at the park, foregoing the stroller, and cruising in the “big red car”
6. little friends. little swings. little conversation. big smiles.Ā 
7. Deciding to let the pizza dough “poof” while I was running errands, was not such a good idea.
8. My much anticipated package from arrived and I couldn’t wait to dive in. And so I did. #donttellthehubby

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