Friday PhotoDump

1. getting my roots taken care of. a huge process when you haven’t seen your stylist in almost a year. tisk tisk
2. the aftermath of finally seeing a professional. coquiltam, if you’re looking for a fab stylist, go to Eccotique Salon & Spa 
in Coquitlam Center and ask for Shannon.
3. hair therapy via pinterest. could have been a serious fail, with a cheering squad an all. the verdict, 
coconut oil for your hair is complete bliss. soft, smooth, frizz free locks, I promise you. 
1. seriously this child should win an award for wildest hair, makes a mama proud.
2. swinging and swinging and swinging… which ended in whining and whimpering and crocodile tears. why? see here!
3. say cheese baby doll! the moment before we went toe to toe on what society would think of a mother who let her toddler wear pearls for the day. more worried for her safety, i gave in, and she worked every ounce of the word chic the entire day. another proud mama moment.  
1. my tulle skirt project coming to an end, with just the back seam to be completed. almost a finish product, 
i cannot wait to show you all how it looks on my hips and not on the kitchen floor. 
2. completion of my $5 makeup stand left me quite impressed, that…. and embarrassed that the world now knows how 
horrible my ensuite bathroom counters are. hello 80’s!
3. and here you have it. an 18 month old who refused to remove her nana’s pearls. and so we went on our merry way, 
rocking the accessory as if this were the norm!


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