Funny Baby Picture PART 2

I am still seeing people daily make it to this past post on my Blog, so I thought why not give ’em what they want. Funny Baby Pictures Part 2 following the great success of Funny Baby Pictures Part 1.

I post this as I have “one of those mornings“, it’s Sunday and, as my husband and I should be enjoying a lazy sunday – we we’re up at 5am treating his fever that has gone up to 100.2 and climbing. Into a cold shower he goes and now lays on the couch, in as little clothes as possible and draped with cold clothes. He is such a trooper asking me if I want breakfast made, or making sure that Sofia and I are okay. What a man!

I sure hope your Sunday is a little more productive, or none-productive but healthy, than mine!

Ā “but…but…but…she said she would call!”


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