GIVEAWAY: Images by Bethany Photoshoot

Talk about being the “lucky one”… Bethany contacted myself a while back to see if my family would be interested in a Photo Session with her and her camera. She wanted to spoil a handful of mother’s that she met at’s Best Vancouver Blogger Event earlier in the year. She would offer us all a photoshoot, including Giveaway of a shoot on our sites. Seriously does it get more sweet than that? She came over to our home, where we had the most comfortable, cozy and perfect session anyone could ask for. After seeing the shots she got, it was hard for me not to put every single one of them on display. Lucky for our savings account we only have so much real estate on our walls in this house of ours. But those that I did choose, I gush over with each and every time I pass them in the hall. 

I’m a little obsessive over photos to say the least. If their was someone to blame, that would no doubt be my mother. HOWEVER I don’t see this as a fault what-so-ever! My mama earned the nick name “pat”parazzi for a reason…. and I’m so thankful to be following in her camera happy footsteps. 

I fill my home and walls with my favorite images of friends and family. It’s what I do. At the times where I don’t have them near, I can glance to  spot in the house where they are. It always brings a smile to my face. Photo’s are your favorite memories captured for you to savour every single day. Their is really nothing better. 

Images by Bethany

So without further or-do, I now offer my lovely readers… those that live in Vancouver or plan on coming to Vancouver before the end of April a chance at their very own Photo Session with Miss Bethany. Please note lovelies, the winner must contact Images by Bethany within 48 hours of winning or I will be forced to choose another winner, the portrait location must be within Vancouver, and the session must take place between January and April 30th of 2013.

 One winner will get:
– 1 hour session on location or in studio.
– an online viewing gallery for 1 month.
– in studio ordering meeting, 2-3 weeks after the portrait session.
– one 8×10 print of your choice!


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