Golden Stripes

FOREVER 21 top
TARGET jeans
FOREVER 21 jacket
FENDI purse
JOE FRESH necklace & earrings
JOE FRESH right bracelets
I love everything about gold. Bring it to me in any form, hue, or sparkle and I will love you forever x8. If you’re wondering, gold is my go to metal, as far as accessories go. For me, it gives off a warm, richer feeling versus it’s competition, silver. I have yet to invest into a brilliant gold watch, but this is on my list. I have been crushing on a few, but nothing that make me wan’t to spend my hard earned money. Until then, I will play with what golden accessories I already do have. Like these amazing bracelets from Joe Fresh and Angel Wings Accessory. I know Joe Fresh is a Canadian thing, however lucky for you, Angel Wings Accessory ship worldwide.

I’d love to know lovelies, what metal do you prefer? Gold or Silver?

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