Grab your Sunnies! {SmartBuyGlasses}

When it comes to sunglasses Sammy and I have always been ones to go for quality over quantity; naturally we gravitate towards sunglasses that are classic and timeless vs trendy and seasonal, so we’re okay with the investment. Even though we know in advance we will have to pay a little more, we will still make an evening of it and research the best deals online.

Quite possibly my favorite feature on the SmartBuyGlasses website is their VIRTUAL TRY ON; and it’s not what you think. Throw away what you once knew of testing glasses or sunglasses on an uploaded photo of yourself, they’ve taken this one step further. Think Snapchat filters or Instastories when you test out your ability to be the best bunny you can be, same thing, but with sunglasses! MOVE AROUND! Check out what your side profile, you can totally do that! Sammy and I had way more fun than one should ever on the SmartBuyGlasses website with their Virtual Try On feature, but let me tell you, by the end of if we were not only confident in our choices but we found them both at a great price. Hashtag WIN WIN

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We took our sunglasses on our most recent trip to Disneyland and made the most of them, I think we had more pictures with them on than off; another great reason why you should always treat yourself to a nice pair of sunglasses. But then again, did you need another good reason?

HIS: Brave Soul Shirt  //  Forever 21 Shorts  //  Lids Hat  //   Tom Ford Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses
HERS: Joe Fresh Shirt  //  Target Bomber  //  Yoga Jeans Pants  //  Tom Ford Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses 


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Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by SmartBuyGlasses, but as always the opinions on this blog are my own. 



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  1. Kirsten G. says:

    For years, I would buy cheap sunglasses and could never find some that I was really happy with. 2 years I used a gift from a friend and bought myself a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I love that they came with a soft case/cleaning cloth and a hard case for them.

    • Tairalyn says:

      It’s the best isn’t it? If you treat them well and put them in the case they will last you years and years and year, and quote possibly be more affordable than constantly replacing them with a cheaper alternative.

      Thanks for popping by Kirsten!


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