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Along came Miss Natalie… A Mama Blogger that I got lucky enough to stumble upon about 4 months back. She is sweeter than pie {for real} and if Australia and Canada shared a boarder I for sure would be over there in a heartbeat to visit her one of these days. Since they don’t and its a good 12 hour flight {or so}, this will have to do. Guests Posts on one another Blogs. 

Now your lucky enough to know her, like me…. you can thank me later.

A common fact between Natalie and I, other than being young hot mama’s, is that we love Tea. So deciding upon a Guest Post was easy…. Tea related it must be. Enjoy her post below on “why Tea is great”! If you’d like to see what I posted about “brewing the perfect cup” pop on over to Winter Love and have a look see. 


Little about Natalie:

I am a 21 year old, single Mama from Australia. Trying to navigate my way through toddlerhood with my sweet, sweet daughter Stella Winter. I have a passion for writing and creating and enjoy sharing my passion with my readers. I write about the often un-spoken and honest feelings of a single mother, The challenges of parenting, the beauty of children and the love I have for being a mother. I also share my daily life through posts about fashion, DIY’s, tattoo inspiration and my mama social life. I hope you enjoy reading along too, whether you be a Mother, a mother-to-be, a father, or just a lover of all things beautiful!

If you know Tairalyn from Little Miss Mama, you know she is an avid, enthusiastic, prettily sipping Tea fanatic! When she first suggested we post swap about tea, I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure I could write about tea. WHAT would I write about tea?

I love tea. I love drinking, smelling and talking amongst cups of tea, but could I write something witty and interesting about tea? Chances are no. I am not great at reviews nor have I ever written a serious one. So, here I was…tossing and turning at night trying to think of what I could write about tea that would interest and impress Little Miss Mamas readers. All the way on the other side of the world, 22 118 kilometers away so my iPhone navman tells me. 
In the end I decided to share with you some reasons why tea is great. As simple as that. Me telling you, that tea is amazing and you nodding in agreeance.

An ode to tea, cheers!

1. Tea knows no age. Tea can have an amazing physical and emotional effect on anyone, at any age. There is caffeinated tea for the busy and bustling career woman, milky sweet tea for the retired lady and herbal brightly coloured tea for the children. Anyone at any age can share a cup of tea. Share one with your Grandmother, share one with your Great-Grandmother, share one with your Daughter and share one with your best friend.

2. Sip to good health. The health benefits of tea are aplenty, tea is like the Queen of antioxidants. Claiming to have anti-cancer properties and an antibiotic effect the Queen of antioxidants works hard around the brewing clock to bring you good health. More obviously and instantly tea can increase mental alertness and lift your metabolic rate; this means that having a cuppa can make you slim and smiling! 

3. The herbal effect. If you are in a bad mood, feeling a little sick, can’t sleep or need waking up. I can guarantee there is a herbal tea for you. Chamomile tea for calming, honey tea for colds, raspberry leaf tea for cramping, green tea for weight loss, fennel tea for insomnia, black tea for energizing.  Set your inner skeptic aside and try a herbal tea for your ailment.

4. The tea theory. Tea has a good reputation for bringing people together. You could almost say it is responsible for many a ‘deep and meaningful’. There is something about sharing a steaming cup of tea with someone that makes you feel comfortable enough to pour out your soul. Sip one; you breath a sigh of relief. Sip 2; you set your insecurities aside. Sip 3; you have that life changing conversation with a confidant, a best friend, a partner, a lover. All over a cup of tea.

And there you have it, four reasons why you should buy a pretty teapot and start sipping! Happy tea drinking! 
…Plenty of love…

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