Halloween; the holiday that gets in the way

Now before you go and add our house to your hit list, HEAR ME OUT!
(save those eggs for your neighbors, you know it’s his dog that take a dump on your lawn)

Let me clarify, I don’t NOT celebrate Halloween, I mean if you really break it all down, I probably over celebrate;

  1. We give out fists full of candy to each trick-or-treat’er
  2. We buy the good stuff, NO RAISINS HERE!
  3. We carve pumpkins, HECK! we even grow some of our own
  4. I spend countless hours hunting down the kids requested costumes
  5. Sofia takes Halloween treats to class and hands out Halloween tattoos 
  6. I plan a fun and spooky dinner with family 
  7. I make homemade apple cider to take on-the-go while we stand at the end of many-oh-driveways
  8. Sammy puts together a little fireworks show for the kids in our front yard
  9. JEEZ! I even pin and re-tweet cute Halloween crafts for kids!

We do it all you guys, we completely immerse ourselves in the Holiday. A Holiday that I feel just gets in the way.
It gets in the way of my most favorite time of the year; CHRISTMAS! 

I will forever embrace and celebrate Halloween, because the opportunity to buy mini chocolate bars on November 1st at a heavy discount is far too lucrative. I mean come’on guys, I’M NOT CRAZY, who’s going to pass that up? I have kids with Bento Box Lunch Kits that have a spot that fits mini Smarties just so perfectly. I have a job that keeps me up to all hours of the night and those mini KitKat’s make the perfect midnight snack and I have a husband who thinks I’m the bees knees when I put one in his lunch kit every now and again. 

You guys, as much as I feel Halloween gets in the way, I guess this was a little reminder that it also allows me to rein supreme in BEST MOM and BEST WIFE category with the people that mean the most to me. So, after all that gibberish (thanks to those for stickin’ around), I guess Halloween is okay in my books after all. Sorta’. Kinda’. 

Is it over yet? Can I officially start playing Christmas music and adding Eggnog to the grocery list? 



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