Halloween is nearly here…Are you ready?


It’s getting to be that time of year again lovelies. The weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to fall, coats or wool are being considered, Starbucks is about to launch it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Pottery Barn Kids adds Halloween Costumes to their website. Oh Wow! Life just got a little greater. This year, Pottery Barn Kids has some incredible baby and kids costumes, from kittens, to Peacocks, to Astronauts and Woolly Mammoths. With these costumes, absolutely no detail gets missed.  This year, I’ve noticed they have also included family costumes, and this really strikes a cord with me. How sweet it that? Dressing up with your babes on Halloween night? Bet your neighbors never saw it coming; a baby bee with it’s bee keeper, or how about a werewolf and his babe wolf. Seriously these costumes are top of the line. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest has some quirky DIY options for costumes this year, but if you want to skip the late night sewing project and crazy glued fingers, I suggest picking one up at Pottery Barn this year.

In celebration of Pottery Barn Kids opening the Halloween flood gates, I am getting creative, and dreaming a little. I bet Sofia Marie would just LOVE this kitten costume, and I would almost put money that it would get used more than the 1 evening. I’m thinking more of a once a week, grocery store occasion sorta outfit. I’m the type of mama who would never say no. Wear what you feel great in bubba! Wear it proudly, tail and all!


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I think the perfect accessory to this kitten costume would be a cat toy wand. Every little girl loves to wave around a wand, and just because you opted for the kitten vs. princess for Halloween doesn’t mean you would forego the wand waving. I designed this sweet little kitten wand, with bells, feathers, and of course a play mouse. Doesn’t get much better than this now does it? If your babe is going as a kitten this year, I encourage you to get creative with you accessories, like I have. Don’t forget to reach out to them for help when you are crafting. Kids love this sorta thing.  Anything that allows them to get creatively messy. Just make sure this is not the day they’re wearing their Pottery Barn Kitten Costume. I would hate to see any sort of glue or scissors near this work of at.

DSC_0068-1 PBKCollage1

This article was sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids, but I am pretty certain you will agree these costumes are stinkin’ cute. Everything I post on Little Miss Mama is something I use, I love, I crave, or I see joy in. This being one of them. 


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  1. i swore i would never let my kids leave to house in costumes, then i had children … now as long as it is weather appropriate …I am like ‘get in the car. lets go!” i dont care what they have on. lol. funny how that changes 😉

  2. Oh gosh, that kitten costume is SO CUTE. I want one for my size 😉

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