Happy Birthday Bubs’


Happy Birthday to my man who is all that we need, and just what we want!

They say opposites attract!?!
It’s actually quite funny how opposite we really are if you break it down, but what matters far more than being cut from the same cloth, is the smiles on our faces, the passion in our eyes, and the love in our hearts.

We’re fire and ice; but it works for us:

Stressful cravings.
//he doesn’t know it, but he loves and needs stress to survive. i on the other hand do what i can to avoid it at all costs, and this is why we work so well as one. he stresses out, i calm him down, he’s better, i’m happy i helped, and he moves onto the next worry.

Money meyhem.
//he’s a saver and i’m a spender. for me i don’t connect with money on a level where i’m sad to see it gone, dangerous right? sammy on the other hand will research an item to purchase until he’s blue in the face, ensuring he’s getting the most out of his money spent. this is the perfect combination, we spend and save just enough to keep both parties happy.

Realest in a dreamers world.
//he grew up a realist, and i’ve always be taught to dream big. you’d think our future visions would constantly collide, and they do, but i allow him to live a dream he never knew was there, while he keeps me grounded as i try to jump off cliffs and fly.

Happy Birthday Bubs’
Love doesn’t even begin to describe what we share, because it’s far more than that, far more than a 4 letter word.
We met online October 2004, and in person on November 2004, we were engaged in November 2007, married December 2008, and as we celebrate your Birthday in November 2014, I get to say I’ve loved you for 10 years.


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