Happy Birthday to Me!!

Last years Birthday festivities included Costumes, Tea and Croquet…. this year, things went a little differently, a little less dress up a little more pajamas with a little less outdoor games and a little more sitting on the couch watching TV. 

Started my day off at the Doctors for a check up – a not so fun internal check up at that. However what I did get from it is confirmation that Sofia’s head is in fact down and that the 4 weeks that I am until D-Day will be exactly that, no early arrivals for miss Sofia Marie.

I now patiently wait for Sammy to get home from work so that we can head out for dinner with some of our closest friends… with hopefully enjoying a little cake at the end of the night. Of course only if my numbers allow…. DAMN YOU GD!



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  1. BEST WISHES today on your special day.


  2. Happy Birthday!! 😀

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy birthday!

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