Have Baby Bikini’s gone too far?

Their seems to be a rolling growl with parents over these Baby Bikini’s from Babikini these days. However I’m not going to lie, after I saw them I was all over their website trying to find something that I would match to an existing one of my own {of course with aspirations that these vertical blinds on my tummy would one day disappear}. I personally don’t see or agree with what everyone is “up in arms” about. Their is an age I think that this would be considered not appropriate, and I might pin-point it around the ages of 7 to16, but before this and after this I think its all sorta of appropriate.

Are their any other mama’s out there that think our babies should be in a wet suit on the beach and not something a little less skimpy if you will? I’d say that its a personal preference however I do not think in anyway, shape, or form a baby wearing a Bikini like this would hinder their future views sexually or emotionally. 

I’d love to hear what others think? Everyone has a right to their opinion, I’m not hear to change them I’m just here to say my own. 


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  1. I love babies in bikinis! But I dont think I would let P wear the one in the picture about. Thats just me, please she wears little swimmers

  2. personally I would be worried more about sunburning outside than looking fashionable. as for inside, I don’t know… swimming diapers for a while then anything that hubby would be okay with goes I guess

  3. Thanks Baby Shopaholic and Allyssa for posting in on your take on the itty bitty baby bikini’s….

    I can see both your reasoning especially the sunburning… looks like SPF 50 will be in our future sooner than I thought 🙂


  4. i dont have an issue with the bikinis but i opt to put Annabelle in the wetsuits because they are SPF50 and i dont have to worry about plastering her whole body with sunscreen…hard enough getting her to relax long enough to get the skin i have to…she wants in that water!

  5. I can totally understand that Lara!
    This is coming from a “soon to be” mama, and I see where you are coming from.

    Then again I wouldn’t put it past me to take the hour it might to lather her up in SPF50 in order to put her in something cute like this.


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