Have I created a vlogging baby?!

I can’t help but think I have…. for when I come walking into a room and see her doing this – one can only wait and watch! I love that Sofia Marie is a little copy-cat these days. She’s soaking up so much around her every minute of the day, from her vocabulary, to her manners, and her emotions. This is why I am constantly reminding myself to act smart, be careful what I say, and always, always think before I react. She is a walking sponge right now, and although I am so elated to see her growing, and learning, I am so nervous I’m going to slip-up. Say something under my breath after dropping my sticky peanut butter knife on the carpet. Or showing flustered-frustration as we attempt to rush out the door to make an early morning appointment. All these little quirks that I have, the ones I am working on improving, I would just hate for her to inherit. I am always feeling rushed, constantly starting project before other’s are complete, and never having a sense of contentment or pride in my work. I want things for Sofia to be different, I was her to stop and smell the roses, be proud of everything she does, and always follow her heart. That is my wish for you Sofia Marie.     

To all those mama’s out there, tell me, have you created a mini-me?


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