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You know when it comes to special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries and your totally stumped on what to the special someone, of course along side your main gift, a huge dose of I LOVE YOU MAN?! When events like these come up I crave finding the most perfect gift, something they will not have, never knew they needed, but can’t live with out, and this my friends if why I search out artisans and designers online who have an honest passion and knack for what they do. Their are a few large sites that source amazing talent, hosting them all in one convenient place, ETSY being one of them, however I just recently learnt about a new site offering some seriously amazing talent, let me introduce you to BRIKA.

By featuring the work of authentic makers, artisans and designers, we’ve created an online shopping experience that celebrates modern craft, storytelling and the belief that our lives are as beautiful as we wish to make them.

So to prove that BRIKA has what it takes not only have I have designed a challenge but also accepted it. I will show you 3 different people in my life that I sometimes get hung up on finding the PERFECT gift for; and I will find 15 perfect gifts all ranging in budgets from $20 to $200. Rad right? Oh yeah and if that wasn’t helpful enough for you, by the weeks end I’ll be giving away a $25 credit to use through out their entire site. Double rainbow rad!

Today we start off with “Operation BFF“, finding the absolute perfect gift for your best girl. The one that has stuck with you through thick and thin, the one who tags along to fight in your own personal battles as your strong support, and the one who always was there to reply with “I hated that guy anyways”. Let’s see what BRIKA has for my girl Lindsay:


1. sparkling champagne soap set $21 // 2. felt dachshund $56 // 3. cotton cord & loop bracelet $48
4. blue block cotton gauze scarf $51 // 5. silver helicopter necklace $58


1. emerald silk chiffon scarf $80 // 2. hand stamped polka-dot clutch $64 // 3. birch pedestal plate $80
4.  saimaa multi b necklace $78 // 5. silver champagne ring $78

Lindsay$1501. wooden necklace $160 // 2. macarons silk scarf $120 // 3. leather laptop case $185
4. gold tree mural wall decals // 5. black stack necklace $129

It’s no joke these designer, these artisans, these incredibly talented peeps know what they are doing when it comes to making amazing stuff. What are you waiting for? Go check it out for yourself , loads of the shops can still ship in time for Christmas, and those who can’t I think a little “IOU and awesome gift that’s on it way” card to the BFF is totally understandable! Hey! I’d accept that knowing I had something coming from BRIKA! Stay tuned for tomorrows challenge, “Operation Mother-In-Law“.


Disclosure: This article is sponsored by BRIKA, however all opinions are my own. If I didn’t love what BRIKA stood for and the artisans they supported I wouldn’t be sharing this. But lucky for you I love what they are about, and therefore I spread the word; BRIKA . 


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  1. My bbf would love the chiffon scarf, stunning colours

  2. Jennifer T says:

    My best friend would like the Antler Necklace.

  3. My bff would love the felt dachshund. I just love the felt stuff on the website!

  4. I would buy my friend the emerald silk chiffon scarf!

  5. My best friend would love the emerald silk chiffon scarf $80

  6. Jessica Hellfritsch says:

    I would get my BFF the emerald silk chiffon scarf $80!

  7. I know my honey and best friend would love the bacon candle: http://www.brika.com/bacon-soy-candle

  8. That scarf is gorgeous! My best friend would love it.

  9. my bff amy would like the silver helicopter necklace

  10. Heather McCormick says:

    My bff would love the sparkling champagne soap set

  11. My bff would love the felt dachshund!!

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