We’ve done the following in the last 19 days… lived in the great outdoors (travelling via BC Ferries and in a car for 12 hours of travel time), we attended a birthday party, been to 4 art classes, 2 soccer class, 1 playdate, and an infinite amount of park visits, we’ve visited 2 local hot spots packed with kids (Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium), hit the Library 3 times, an indoor play centre (The Great Escape) alongside our normal everyday outings, and guess what, we escaped healthy, with only a few scrapes, bruises, a carpet burn on our elbow.

Do you remember, our family is taking the 30-Day Challenge with PURELL, we spoke all about it last month. When I had first heard about this I knew I wanted my family on board, I mean I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about back-to-school and all the icky germs that come with it. When this challenge presented itself, we were less like “challenge? okay let’s try this” and more like “challenge? please take us!”. #sickandtiredoffeelingsickandtired

19 days in and here is how we’ve managed thus far:




Sammy took it to work every. single. day. because UCK! He works in a warehouse, one where he shares a forklift with over 250 other employees that may or may not wash their hands after using the washroom. Like seriously, this addition to his day was one I didn’t have to remind him of, ever. He took that little container of PURELL liquid gold everywhere with him. The forklift, the lunch room, the locker room. Something tells me I’m going to be forever refilling this little guy for the next long while, far past the 30 days.






Miss Sofia, she takes this challenge and her job as distributor of hannasizer very seriously (tell her it’s pronounced any other way and I may have to hurt you). It needs to be done before meals and sometimes in between, like “if you’re gettin’ germy and stuff”. Not sure what she loves more, using it herself or squishing it out for others. Either way, as long as you’re near one of us, you’ll have access to clean hand on a dime (it may also cost you that much after Sofia realized her services can actually come at a cost, and seeings as she’s saving for Ariel costume, you better buck up dirty hands!)






I can whip a bottle of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer from my purse faster than someone can sneeze. No really, I can, it’s been put to the test. Honestly, I take this little guy everywhere we go. Here is how I found such success in the challenge and using it at least 3 times a day. I keep one in my purse, one in the car, and one in our bathroom, with this trio all my bases are covered. Sofia and I get into a ton of trouble fun in the week and having them around every corner is best for never missing a sticky, germy, sneezy beat.



These last 11 days are going to be easy-peasy (lemon-squeezy), I say that only because the first 19 have been exactly that. Excited we stumbled upon the challenge and over the moon that we got to get involved in the way we did, sharing our personal experiences.

Did you know it’s not too late to start the PURELL Challenge? Even though we’re 19 days in, this means nothing to your personal challenge. Hurry! Before the kids bring more than macaroni art home in their backpacks. Whether you like it or not germs are on their way into your bubble, you can do this, you got this!


Disclosure:: This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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