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Oh Gawd, I'M CELIAC- (1)

So, I played a little game over the last month and a bit. You see I’ve had a reassured hunch that I was either gluten or lactose sensitive (oh gawd, or dare I say both). My naturopath has told me over the year that the skin reaction I’ve been having on my knee was due to an allergy. I was to get a cortisone cream, use it for a week on my knee and once it had cleared up live life as I always have. If it came back, it was a food allergy. Simple right. Well it came back, and I chose to ignore it at that point in my life. Removing dairy or gluten from my life didn’t seem like something I wanted to do, especially if all that it gave me was a 4″ circle dry skin patch. I’ll take it!

However as of recently my husband has been following a gluten free and dairy free diet for his own personal reasons and so I thought, HECK! Why not try now as it will never be easier to do so. So I tagged along in his journey and removed gluten from my diet, leaving in dairy so that I could pin-point the culprit. Guess what? Within 14 days my skin had cleared. YOU GUYS, I’ve had this patch on my knee for almost 4 years??!!?? Since Sofia was born, I’ve answered many “ouch! when did you take that nasty fall?!” and “oh wow, what happened to your knee, you okay?” and even “ah that’s a shame, I bet you hate wearing skirts.” Ah no! It actually doesn’t (proof here), sounds like it bothers you more than it does me, what bothers me is that fact that I have been putting something in my body for the last 1,460 days that’s doing more harm then good.

…and so it’s a gluten-free life I live! 

I’m still learning and finding recipes for Sammy and I as we go. It only makes sense that Sofia still eats what she does (as little variety as it is) as I don’t want to create an sensitivity that doesn’t need to be. So as of today she is the only lucky bugger in our house who can enjoy a slice of real white bread, or can slurp up some real Italian pasta and you know what, I’m okay with that. Sorta’ weird how at peace I am with it, guess it good timing in my life.

Now, I spend what free-time I do have hunting down the best of the best when it comes to gluten-free foods, snacks, and recipes. Can I reach out to you all? Save what little free-time I have hunting and have you recommend some of your favorite gluten-free hacks? What are some of your go-to recipes, or products that you have found you can’t live your gluten-free life without?


Tell me; comment on Instagram, comment or PM me on Facebook, send an e-mail (below), tweet me, whatever it takes. Sammy and I (and my knee) would love your tried and true recommendations. *kisses*


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