HELP ME – Angelcare Radiation? Am I crazy?

I know all you Mama’s out their are well aware of the Baby Monitors made by Angelcare. I’m going to make this post SHORT and SWEET….what is your thoughts. Pre-Baby I thought, no doubt I would be purchasing this Monitor, however now that Baby is actually kicking and squirming around in my Tummy and I just love her far far too much as a person to not do my research. 

Giving more thought to placing a plastic pad under Sofia which gives off frequencies of radiation has left me dumb founded. Am I the only one concerned about this? Am i taking it too far? Please help with shedding some light on this situation. I want to love the Online #1 Baby Monitor around – but my heart just wont let me until I know that I’m not doing more harm then good. 


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  1. Hmmm…Good point, the thought never actually crossed my mind, but now….

  2. I thought about getting this after I had my baby because she liked to sleep on her stomach. But then we started co-sleeping so it didn’t matter. If I were you I would invest in a video monitor!

  3. Thanks Ladies for your comments!

    I have actually chosen a Motorola Video Monitor that I am excited about – read many fabulous reviews and the fact that my cousin also has one – was a sealer for me. No Angelcare for me – or Sofia! Just not worth the stress I think it would cause me.

    Little Miss Mama

  4. I think you totally made the right choice! It’s definitely not worth the worry. After reading the book Zapped I started looking at electronics differently. I don’t go without them of course. I’m just more careful with them. I think the video monitor will give you peace of mind too. 🙂

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