Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie


1. you never know when the queen is going to pop by; at least you’ll have popcorn // Price: $5 // Purchase here
2. waiting for popsicles to freeze is so last year // Price: $50 // Purchase here
3. giving the gift of time, stressfree meals, and a savings on their shopping bills // Price: $8 a month // Purchase here
4. a baker will never have to hold their breath again on their guests first bite // Price: $22 // Purchase here
5. who ever liked the cones anyways; they were really just the vessel to our mouths // Price: $22 // Purchase here
6. seriously, need I explain. these are absolutely a must for any foodie or baker you know // Price: $12 // Purchase here
7. a gift that keeps giving, each month, is my kinda gift // Price: $24 a month // Purchase here
{a monthly membership to discover, learn and try 10-12 nutritionist approved healthy snack foods}
8. pass the crown, the bbq king has arrived // Price: $20 // Purchase here

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  1. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says:

    my bff would love to have the snack box as she is a big snacker, how she stays so skinny i’ll never know

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