Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts for the little humans in our lives:

1. BUDSIES: they made last years gift guide, and they make it again this year, why?! because they are that stinkin’ amazing. let your babes get creative and draw an imaginary friend, anything they want, send it to the geniuses at budsies and have them make it into a stuffed toy. how’s that for making dreams come true?!
{check out budsies here}

2. OWL MAGAZINE: a subscription magazine for you babes, a gift that keeps on giving, all year ’round. chirp for ages 3 to 6, chickadee for ages 6 to 9, and owl for ages 9 to 13; a fun and creative magazine every kid is sure to like.
{check out owl magazine here}

3. GRO CLOCK: this is one of those for them-for you gifts; the best kind really. a clock that tells them when it’s okay to wake-up, get out of bed, and get the day started. bought one for sofia and we couldn’t be happier, and more rested!
{check out gro clock here}

4. LEAPTV: gaming for kids too early on i agree needs to be monitored but when it’s a form or education, and exercise, i’m all about that. leap frog has brought to the market a gaming system for children called leaptv. check out a friends review here, sofia saw it once and says she just has to have it. for those chilly winter days when we’ve run out of white glue i can totally see this being handy to have around.
{check out leaptv here}

5. HEIGHT RULERS: tell me these aren’t genius? we all do it, we mark up a door jam in our home with the families heights as they age. then you move homes and you’re stuck. all those memories, adorable name date scribbles and growth spurts are gone. not anymore, thanks to local designer, victoria from watch us grow. she has a beautiful, custom, and crazy affordable way to track your children’s growing memories.
{check out watch us grow here}

6. FURREAL FRIENDS: this makes the list not only because it’s cute but because sofia hasn’t stopped reminding me of this little guy since she saw it on tv months and month ago; it must be important, important enough to share. this little guy is an interactive panda that follow you when you walk shaking his toy rattle and converses with you when you talk to him. cute cuddly and a sure fire win in a house of children, sofia is sure of it.
{check out furreal panda here}

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  1. For little ones, I want that owl in number one!! 🙂 These are such cute ideas!! Can’t believe the holiday season is already here!

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