HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Gifts of Comfort


Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that give comfort:

1. WOOL OVERS: i’ve said it once, i’ve said it twice, wool overs is honestly the next best thing to wearing your pajamas out in public. their wool pieces will not only blow the minds of those your gifting to, but the quality and price will keep the gift giver just as happy.
{check out wool overs here}

2. DAVIDSTEA: i mean anything that can warm the soul is a great gift by me. Tea; easily forgotten but always appreciated, a gift of great quality tea is a win win, don’t look past davidstea this holiday season, and while you’re there, treat yourself {organic cream of earl grey if you’re looking for suggestions} .
{check out davidstea here}

3. SLIPPERS: the thing that completes any evening outfit, slippers. style and comfort go hand in hand when you buy them from designers such as jessica simpson. lucky for us her pieces are also very affordable; adorable slippers for the win.
{check these out here}

4. POCKET SHAWL: a pocket anything can be heavenly, but when it comes in the form of a shawl, that just screams comfort. i mean tell me a gift that is not only super practical but cozy and chic? stumped?! that’s what i thought, you’re welcome for finding this one for you.
{check it out here in charcoal, or here in white}

5. COOKBOOK: comfort food without the guilt, now that’s winning. blogger gone foodie celebrity, that’s who skinnytaste is in my eyes. she started as an amazing foodie blogger and now writes cook books to please anyones comfort food craving. this chick knows what’s she’s doing in the kitchen, i swear, and this cookbook is a must.
{check it out here}

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