Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that give back:

1. SOLO EYEWEAR: give the gift of sunglasses while giving a gift of sight to someone in need; each pair of solos purchased, funds eye care for people in need through prescription eyeglasses and sight saving eye surgeries. sorta’ like what toms does for feet in need, solo eyewear does for eyes in need.
{visit solo eyewear}

2. 1:FACE WATCH: give the gift of time while giving a gift of hope to others in need; pick from nine causes you want to show support {cancer, hunger, aids, water, animals, education, environment, or red cross} and money from the watch purchased will donated to the designated cause. for example buy a red aids supporting watch for $60 and you’ll be helping 8 patients with aids treatments. i own a 1:face watch and i love it; this company is one i stand behind whole-heartedly.
{visit 1:face watch use code LITTLEMISSMAMA and get 10% off your order}

3. RXART COLORING BOOK: give the gift of creativity while giving a gift of comfort to a sick child; this book was designed to be put in hospitals where children visit, these visits can be frightening for us all and the rxart coloring book hopes to ease their mind of their stresses and take them to a more creative, fun, and free mind space. 100% of sale proceeds benefit rxart.
{visit rxart}

4. SEVENLY: give the gift of fashion while giving a gift of hope to charities in need; when you shop sevenly know that each item you purchase means a $7 donation is made to it’s designated charity. each week the charities change as do their clothing and designs; a must see, a must buy, hands down i will support sevenly in all they do.
{visit sevenly; and know they’re offering free holiday shipping on orders over $60}

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