1// Pinhole Press Custom Finger Puppets & Family Dominos   2//Maplelea Doll   3//Osmo Game System  
4//Hatchimal   5//Lost My Name Book   6//Lowes 16-piece Kid’s Tool Kit

Sofia is very much involved in my blogging, she asks when she will be “on my internet page” next, she asks if I need any help “writing the words” and always always asks to “send them a pitch” when she see’s a new toy hit the market that she want. What can I say, she is a born blogger?! Naturally when I was bringing together this years Holiday Gift Guides I knew that I needed her help in a big way…

Sofia, help me, what would a girl your age want for Christmas this year?

This year we’ve partnered with a few amazing companies who have graciously offered our readers a chance at winning some of these gifts to start checking things off their children’s wish list. Thank you Pinhole Press and Maplelea for partnering with us and making two of our readers Holiday shopping that much easier!

…and so it goes:

>> Pinhole Press Finger Puppets (WIN IT): This company is so amazing, Pinhole Press. They makes custom gift items that are not only adorable and fun but affordable. This holiday they came out with a bunch of new designs including these Finger Puppets. Create 9 custom puppets out of your child’s family and friends and take make-believe into the real world. Sofia says these would fit perfectly into her stocking (and then she made a winking face). 

>> Pinhole Press Family Dominoes (WIN IT): Another amazing product from Pinhole Press, takes family games night to the next level with this brilliant Dominoes set. How fun would it be to surprise your family with a competitive game of Dominoes based on matching up their own face? As if you needed another reason to laugh during family games night. 

>> Maplelea Doll (WIN IT): This doll has been on Sofia’s Christmas Wish List now going on 2 years; I know mean mama or what?! The 18″ girl is meant to be more than just a doll, all with the hours of hair styling and dressing up they’re meant to promote creative play and healthy, active lifestyles, while fostering a love and interest in Canadian culture, heritage and geography. The perfect doll for a little Canadian girl, or a Canadian at heart! 

>> Osmo Game System: Sofia and I are both so in love with Osmo and it’s not just because we have a bit of an obsession with tech-toys. Osmo is a learning based game system that connects with your tablet allowing the child to learn while playing games; from a pizza chef, cashier, to a jig-saw master, spelling-bee champion and even a mini Picasso. You must see Osmo to believe it, this is a game system I would more than happy to let Sofia play with for hours on end. 

>> Hatchimal: Clearly by the statement recently put out by the makers of Hatchimal, we won’t be the only ones with this on their wish lists. This toy is sold out everywhere and if you haven’t already purchased one, either start hoping for a Christmas Miracle or offer up your first born to someone who has. These little creatures are the next best thing to a real pet,  parents rejoice! STOP! don’t buy them that whining, pooping, slobbering puppy, buy them a Hatchimal! Hatching from a giant egg, these little creatures grow through stages of life, baby, toddler and into a kid all with the help of your child. 

>> Lost My Name Book:  Books are always a great gift, but a custom book… that’s love. Lost My Name Book designs stories that take your child on an adventure like no other. Fun stories, gorgeous illustrations and better yet a main character that your child will truly resonate with. 

>> Tool Kit: Sofia has been asking for “her own” tools for the past few months now. I mean what child doesn’t want to take nails to wood? Building is what they grew up on, from play-doh to lego, we give our children equipment to build and make believe because childhood is amazing (and we’re awesome parents). Tons on the market for tool sets but this one looked extra adorable to me. Good one Lowes, you win this time! <<Lowes 1 — Home Depot 0>>


**2 (two) winners will be chosen, 1 (one) for a Pinhole Press prize pack and 1 (one) for a Maplelea Doll**


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Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Maplelea & Pinhole Press, as always the opinions are my own (in this case Sofia’s). 


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  1. Jennifer Ragan says:

    My daughter is asking for any Disney little kingdom toys this year, she just loves them. I’m sure if she sees a commercial for hatchimals she will ask for that too! My son wants all sorts of hotwheels toys or Spider-Man toys 🙂

  2. ivy pluchinsky says:

    My niece is asking for lego and crafts

  3. Shannon Grochowski says:

    my kids are wanting Lego, craft’s and pokemon cards

  4. Mindy DeLisi says:

    My daughter wants anything Art wise. She loves drawing and coloring!

  5. My kids want Legos, art supplies, and books.

  6. Angela Mitchell says:

    My daughter is asking for a bean bag chair.

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    My grandson wants anything and everything minion and my granddaughter wants anything TMNT; go figure lol

  8. melissa fowers says:

    My 4 year old daughter really wants a new dolly and a doll bed.

  9. Elaine Powell says:

    Hatchimals are top of the list

  10. My child is asking Santa for a new phone.

  11. BobbiJo pentney says:

    My daughter is asking for many things, a hatchimal being one.

  12. My son is asking for Thomas Trains and DVD`s

  13. nancy lafrance says:

    They have been asking for Shopkins, Lego & Doll Accesories!

  14. missbobloblaw says:

    One wants a Hatchimal, one wants a cell phone!

  15. He is asking for a dog.

  16. melissa marie says:

    My daughter wants a maplea doll and a puppy.

  17. Andrea Amy says:

    One is asking for Lego, and the other two are asking for a Bat Cave and Bat Mobile.

  18. My daughter is asking for a Doctor’s Kit (after a visit to the hospital she is obsessed!) and a new “dolly baby”

  19. kathy downey says:

    My kids want Hatchimal real bad they are talking
    about it everyday..

  20. ellen beck says:

    It varies, but a doll, a pony (no clue why) hatchimal and anything that has had a commercial on TV!

  21. he wants a drone.

  22. Not really from santa but me, a whole bunch of doll related stuff. Hopefully this will help.

  23. My kids love the toys they see on tv. They would love to have a hatchimal. They love birds.

  24. My niece has been asking for dresses and video games.

  25. Karen alba says:

    Mine wants a hatchanimal or any type of doll 🙂

  26. Everybody want Trolls for Christmas 😉

  27. Our 3 yr old asked for Stinky Pig and a Baby Alive doll!

  28. My girls want a maplelea doll, shopkins & Pokémon cards

  29. Caryn Coates says:

    I have 2 daughters that want cameras, 1 daughter that wants pet shops and my boys wants trucks 🙂

  30. My kid wants us to move to Disneyland.
    Wish me luck.

  31. krystyl olson says:

    my 5 year old wantsan easy bake oven… i think shes too young. not sure what her big gift wil be this year

  32. My child is asking for a tricycle. My nieces are asking for books.

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