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I feel like you’re all waiting on a basement renovation update? Right?! I mean it has almost been 3 weeks; you must be hanging near the edge in excitement and pretty much bitten off all your pretty little nails by now. Sorry to keep you hangin’ like that folks.

So our basement renovations has somewhat come to a halt since I last updated you, for a few reasons. ONE our labor is tired; my husband and dad literally work around the clock in getting this place as gorgeous as it is. They both work full-time and then come home and put more hours in with payment as a hot meal made by yours truly. TWO money is running low; ask anyone who has done any sort of renovations, it almost always goes over budget. Our budget has been so over blown, kraft dinner is sounding luxurious these days, only half kidding. THREE we miss the man being around; he goes to work, we see him and cuddle him for half a moment and back down into the dungeon he goes. We miss him, we need him to play husband/daddy again, just for a little while. What we still have on the list to do:

1. finish caulking and painting baseboard and trim
2. paint and install all doors and closet doors
3. install shelving in all closets
4. paint and install den desk
5. layout and adhere den wall decals
6. carpet installed
7. final coat of paint on all the walls

I’m getting quite ancy about getting these wall decals up, I can nearly taste it, I dream about how amazing they’re going to look and I’m dying to see them with my eyes open. The beauty that are these wall decals are just too much for my mind to really understand, I think I might have to sleep over in my little space once shes done. But the slumber party will only be for one, it’s all the room I have; the space is quaint {see what I did there}. The decals I chose for the space were the Baroque Pattern Wall Decals from Wall Slicks. After searching online for a month, I felt I connected with this design most. And now after receiving them I know I chose right, the quality is incredible, it comes with everything you would need to properly and professionally install them and more. Thorough instructions and information on your decals {with additional guides online including how-to videos here}, a tool kit for decal application, as well as spacer stickers to help with symmetry in the layout of your wall decals. Wall Slicks definitely made this task feel far less daunting than it may look. My plan it to get them up on the wall as soon as the door sanding is done. As we progress in my little blogging oasis, I will keep you afloat… I promise!

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HEY! Who knows, the content on my site when I finally get moved-in down there might BLOW YOUR MINDS; or it may not change at all. Either way, my mama will stay a forever reader, and as long as someone is watching, I’ll keep writing!


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  1. So… When is the painting party to recruit help?

  2. This quaint niche is going to be fabulous for you and your creative mind to escape to. I LOVE the slickers and can hardly wait to see them up.
    a forever reader

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