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Renovations are going and so has our sanity! We are getting down to the nitty gritty and it feels like the end is near, but when we look at the task list it’s still quite far. We have however made some big decisions on flooring, lighting and furniture so it feels as though we’ve actually made some great progress over the last few weeks.

We chose our flooring which we bought from Home Depot, a gorgeous vinyl tile that snaps together like laminate or hardwood flooring would. We chose this vs. real tile or even lanolin, mainly for cost. It was a more expensive option as far as product goes BUT it was one Sammy and my dad could do together and avoid addition costs of hired labor. So although it will take a few weekends to complete it will save us enough to buy a couch for the new space once complete. And this make sense to us, it will take longer but we will get more with this decision.

We also made the BIG decision on lighting, we opt’d to buy LED light bulbs over a traditional light bulb; although it cost us far more initially we hopefully won’t have to change them for a minimum of 10 years and they should shave a little off our electrical bill each month. For 29 LED bulbs it cost us nearly $300 after taxes, apposed to $45 in what it would have costed us for a standard bulb. You see for LED bulbs they only burn 4.5 watts each vs. a regular bulb that burns at 50 watts. So technically we will be running 11 LED bulbs at the same rate as 1 traditional bulb. Feeling better about this already, can’t wait to get them all lite up. {here was another option Sammy was thinking about buying from amazon, however because we lived near an IKEA we chose to just buy there}

As for the furniture we will be doing a little re-purposing and what feels like A LOT of buying of new pieces for the new rooms we will be acquiring. We will bring our large sectional from upstairs, down, then get a new one for upstairs. We will be bringing the furniture we have in our bedroom and using it in the guest room downstairs, getting ourselves a new bedroom suite including a mattress. All of this talk of new furniture makes me all giddy inside, treating ourselves feels pretty good!

One decision that I’m UBER excited about is my mini-den. I purchased the overhead lighting and desk lamp for the space and have just fallen in love with my vision and the direction it’s taking thus far, the feature wall will be dressed-up so chic’ly in these vinyl stickers via Wall Slick Wall Decals, ah man these are going to turn the space into a little oasis for me to getaway to and blog. I can’t wait to give you guys some progress pictures on this one.

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