HOME TOUR: The Baby’s Nursery

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DIY Art via LILAxLOLA (fawn, racoon, bunny)

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Luxe Quilt via loulou LOLLIPOP


Vintage Floral Sheets via Sweetheart N Sunshine
Lullaby Bunny via cloud b


Sky Beige Rug via Lorena Canals 
Gift Box Side Table via IKEA Canada 
Retro Mini Bluetooth Radio via VQ

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Vintage Floral Change Pad Cover via Sweetheart N Sunshine
Mist Wipe Warmer via Munchkin

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Diaper Pail via Munchkin

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Room: Baby’s Nursery (upstairs)
Vibe: Whimsical Woodland

I’ve been working on this little slice of baby heaven ever since finding out we were having another little girl. I wanted to keep the base of the room, the wall color and trees, the same as Sofia had in her nursery, but the spin on what it would evolve would depend on the exciting news when we found out the gender. Once the news was out and we confirmed we would be a house full of hormones (sorry Sammy!) I had decided going full swing into a whimsical woodland theme. Can I paint a picture for you? May I? FABULOUS… think cuddly baby animals with fresh floral crowns, think mushroom chair tea parties with fairies and gnomes, think girly, think magical, think dreamy.

The room itself is not very big, 9 x 10, which means the furniture is not only limited but chosen very wisely. Only the necessities will live in this room, like a change table, a crib and of course a rocker. The rest, the fluff if you will would sadly have to be skipped, that or put in our main living space (I haven’t given up on you just yet adorable lace teepee). So let’s start off here, the change table, it’s actually a vintage piece we got second hand that I fell in love with; a desk that we converted into a change table. Within it’s 4 drawers are stacked diapers, creams, socks, ruffled diaper covers (because of course) and a drawer full of moccs. Atop the table we have all that one would need for a success diaper change; a comfortable changing pad (I’m assuming on this one) and a mist wipe warmer. Now let’s stop there a second because I just LOVE this and it deserves some press. The mist wipe warmer is a Munchkin product that was love at first sight, which actually got better once I knew of all that it could do. It not only treats your baby’s tush like royalty with a wipe warming feature but it also allows you to make your own wipes. Let me explain, you can add in your own liquids to mist the wipes as you pull them out to use. Not only a HUGE money saver (hello! make your own wipes) but just think of all the lovely all natural product you could make use on a wipe for your baby sensitive skin?! Amazing right?! RIGHT!

Now if I may, let’s turn to the beauty of this rug, not only soft on the feet, and the perfect wing-man to help a tip-toeing parent out of a sleeping baby’s room… but it’s WASHABLE! Seriously?! You can pick this rug right up off the floor and throw it into your wash machine. GENIUS RIGHT?! I couldn’t be more smitten with the concept. A rug is something that can pull a space all together, it anchors everything as one, especially when you mix woods like we’ve done (dark wood crib and rocker with an antique white change table). 

…and because “makers’ gonna make” the nursery has quite a few DIY items that Sammy and I have put love into. The tea cup saucers blanket hooks (totally sweet and super easy), the floral mobile (probably my favorite; sorry no DIY), the wall art, the gift box side table (thank you IKEA!) and the curtain closet doors.

We are ready for you baby girl, come now please, like any day now, we’re all so excited to meet you!


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  1. kathy downey says:

    I totally love it….

  2. Love the woodland theme! That mobile is beautiful!


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