How curvaceous women can wear The Skinny Jean

So many are daunted by “The Skinny Jean“. I tackle it thighs first, I like the trend and therefore I will make it suit my body. This is always how I look at Fashion and its ever changing styles. I am not condoning a “one size fits all” trend, as I don’t believe this ever ends with a “happily ever after”. But what I am saying is anyone can enjoy a seasonal trend by simply making it fit their body. 

The Skinny Jean has been around for a while, however not everyone believes in themselves or their hips for that matter, to shimmy into this trend. I am here to say you can, you must and you will love it. 
Here are 3 simple rules:

Forever21 | Fab Denim Jeggings | $13.80

Rule No 1: Always choose a Dark Wash
* Not only will it minimize our lady curves, but it will tease the eye by not allowing it to focus on one particular curve, just smoothing them right on over to your other famous features. 
Forever21 | Basic Skinny Jean | $29.80

Rule No 2: Choose a Color best for your Skin Tone
* with colored demin being so popular this year, make sure while choosing a colored skinny that you are matching it just perfectly to your skin tone. With a complimentary color, the focus will go right from your fabulous pants, to your glowing face, thanks to your skinnies.
Forever21 | Destroyed Skinny Jeans | $29.80

Rule No 3: Always choose a pooling hem
* when your Skinnies gather at the ankle, they give less of a harsh line, adding a little fullness through the leg which will give a better proportion ratio to the rest of your body.

Now go out and buy your first pair beauties…. I’ve given you 3 fab suggestion above? What are you waiting for? 

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  1. I am tempted to add pick the right size, even skinny girls sometimes tend to pick smaller sizes and end up looking ridic

    Nice post. quite informative


    • You are SO right Mik, choosing the right size it vital!
      Its really only a number…. and you know deep down the thr right size will make you look smaller anyways. A womens size it seriously the BEST KEPT secret around….

      Thanks for your comment!!!


  2. The other thing to remember about these pants is to remember that you can’t just treat them like all your other clothes. I find that I can’t throw mine into the dryer as it limits the longevity of the elastic in them and the bum starts to sag pretty quickly!! I have a pair of skinny’s that I ABSOLUTELY love love love and I only get a couple of hours out of them before the bumm is all saggy! 🙁

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