HOW TO: Applying Lip Gloss At Three


Sofia is at the age now where she totally understands this “blogging” thing. She knows “I writes words on my laptop” and then I “putz it on the computer for the peoplez to read”. So when I told her that I was going to need her help for a post that involved Lip Smacker’s she said “don’t worriez mama, I can dooz this okay!? I’ll show the peoplez how to put the lip balmz on, okay?!”

And so here we have it, a post driven by my 3 year old on teaching all of you “peoplez of the computer” how to apply your lip gloss, with step by step visual and verbal instructions. Because you know, just in case. She also made it very clear that out of all the amazing glosses we received, the cotton candy original is by far her “favorite-favoritiz”.

…mama? Mama?! Read this! It says I can eat it right? It smells like it wants me tooz!


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Working with Lip Smacker not only brought me back to my childhood, but allowed me to share some of my most remembered moments as a kid with Sofia Marie. The two of us spent the afternoon sitting on the floor of our bedroom, sharing a seat beside the mirror and we glossed and smelled, and smelled and glossed the day away. We layered glosses that should never be layered like Lemon Square, Jelly Donut, and Coca Colabut also found concoctions we will forever combine, like Strawberry with Vanilla Sprinkles, and Birthday Cake with Blueberry Muffin.

These simple moments in life will be remembered for a lifetime, and by how stacked Sofia’s purse is with Lip Smacker’s her stock will last that long too.


HEY! DID YOU KNOW starting today Lip Smacker is having a sale on their liquid glosses? You can buy them online at 50% off. Thought I’d share, because you know, I know you’re a 90’s kid too!

Disclosure :: This post was created in partnership with Lip Smacker, as always, the opinions are completely our own.


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