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CelebsSquinchimage source // david beckham, angelina jolie, robert pattinson, mila kunis,
leonardo dicaprio, emma stone, kanye west, rhianna, adam levine

Bet you’re wondering what can we learn from these celebrities? It’s how powerful a squinch can be; but first, let’s figure out where this concept came from. I shared it a while back on my facebook page, when it first went viral back in November last year. New York Photographer, Peter Hurley put out a youtube video that explained squinching a term he created for how he would go on explaining makes one look far more photogenic and in turn more beautiful. If you havn’t seen it yet or if you wanna brush up on your squinching skills, check out the video here:

Now that we’re all familiar not only with the term itself but how to squinch, what do you think? Looking back at these celeb photos you can see they all have perfected the term, and maybe even taken the squinch to the next level, either way I know you will agree that it makes a difference. Will you be trying it next time your caught in from of the lens? I know the hardest part for me will be remembering to do it, with the next difficult task being to not over-do the squinch giving a more “half baked” look. Wish me luck!

Tell me — are you a squinch’er, will you be squinch’ing anytime soon, or is this just crazy talk? 

I SAY take your best shot at a squinch, load it to instagram, tag myself {lovelylittlemoi} and hashtag it with #littlemissmamamademedoit #thesquinch


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  1. I’ve totally been doing this in photos for ages and had no idea why I thought it was a good idea. Now I know I was just ahead of the curve… !

    *falls over laughing*

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