I can camp…in a Cabin

As some of you may know {those who are fans of LMM on Facebook}, I went camping over the past weekend. You know, sleeping with mother nature, eating food off a stick and smelling far from presentable. Yeah, that’s right, camping. Well I didn’t do this. I wen’t Glamping. I slept on a bed that I did not have to blow up first, I make my meals from a log cabin kitchen and I showered with complimentary Shampoo and Conditioner each and every morning. 

This was Sofia Marie’s first ever camping experience and we wanted it to be a good one, so we went a little less on the ‘roughing it’ side of camping. We rented a fully equipped Cabin just outside of Whistler Village. My parents joined us with their glamorous ‘home on wheels’, and we all had a fabulous time. Rented bikes on Saturday and took ourselves into the village for a little fun…..

I put together a few shots that I thought you lovelies would enjoy seeing. Sorry for the photo overload… I just couldn’t stop myself!


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  1. such a beautiful family!

  2. This is camping in style! Those lil cabins look adorable! Btw, still completely crushing on the lil one, she is too damn cute!

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