I Quit The Kardashians!


For 2015, I refuse to have a feed filled with unrealistic views. From ones social life, to their home life, perfection is not measured by the amount of money that you can spend on your family Christmas card, or for that matter, your photo shopped cover image that was supposed to “break the internet”. I’m not filling my eyes or my head with unrealistic lives that have me craving more out of my own. It’s fun to window shop, but when you’re window shopping in a store that the items are not for sale, you’re just a teasing yourself. MY LIFE AND MY BODY ARE PERFECT.

I have made TWO pacts to myself for the new year:

1. #UnrealisticUnfollow
I will be unfollowing those lives that fill my social media feed that are clearly unrealistic. I will no longer be tagging along with those that don’t inspire and drive me to better myself; first on the list, the Kardashians

2. #RealLifeMoments
I will see the good, and share more of my own real life moments, in hopes that I don’t make your #UnrealisticUnfollow list {heaven forbid}. Let me explain, I’m that person, who in a moment of stress completely panics, finds a resolution and then thinks “I totally should’ve posted that”. I need to work on seeing the charm in everyday messy moments of my life. 

Here’s to 2015, a new year, a year of real moments, loving our lives, our bodies just as they are.

I share with you some gorgeous printables from around the web, including your free official 2015 goal making worksheet {designed and made by yours truly} that will have you making, and keeping your new years resolutions in style this year.
This is our year my friends, we got this!


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